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6 Restaurants for Birthday Party in East Delhi


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Explore 6 Birthday Party Places in East Delhi with a starting price of Rs 500 per person and upto Rs 750 per person. East Delhi has both small Birthday Party Places with a minimum guest capacity of 20 person for small Birthday Party celebrations and large Birthday Party Places with a maximum guest capacity of upto 100 guests for big Birthday Party celebrations. There is variety of choice in price range and guest capacity to choose Birthday Party Places in East Delhi. Find best Birthday Party Places in and near East Delhi for Birthday Party celebrations.


Birthday Party Places in East Delhi are available in price range from Rs 500 to Rs 750 per person. There are 6 affordable and cheap Birthday Party Places in East Delhi below Rs 1000.

Guest capacity wise, East Delhi has both big and small Birthday Party Places with capacity ranging from 20 to 100 guests. There are 6 small Birthday Party Places in East Delhi with capacity upto 500 guests for small Birthday Party.

East Delhi has variety of Birthday Party places with good choices for Hotels, Party Lawns, Banquet Halls, Restaurants for any kind of Birthday Party celebration. Checkout the category of your preference by browsing Hotels for Birthday Party in East Delhi, Party Lawns for Birthday Party in East Delhi, Banquet Halls for Birthday Party in East Delhi, Restaurants for Birthday Party in East Delhi.

Areawise, Birthday Party Places in East Delhi are spread across 1 popular areas - Mayur Vihar. Take a look at Restaurants for Birthday Party in Mayur Vihar.

Few popular Birthday Party Places in East Delhi are Great Plates, QDs, Haowin Restaurant, Sagar Ratna, Food Plus, Regard restaurant.

Didn't find something good yet? Look for more choices available at Venues in Delhi. Choose from 841 venues in Delhi by filtering search based on venue category, event type, area of your choice, price range and many more.

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  • Baby Photoshoot
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Great Plates
Mayur Vihar, Delhi
80 Guests
Great Plates Per Plate Price is below 1000 INR ₹ 500 Great Plates Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 700 ₹ 700

    Likes: 60
    Views: 416

Laxmi Nagar, Delhi
100 Guests
QDs Per Plate Price is below 1000 INR ₹ 500 QDs Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 600 ₹ 600

    Likes: 101
    Views: 538

Haowin Restaurant
Mayur Vihar, Delhi
70 Guests
Haowin Restaurant Per Plate Price is below 1000 INR ₹ 750 Haowin Restaurant Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is NA

    Likes: 86
    Views: 600

Sagar Ratna
Preet Vihar, Delhi
60 Guests
Sagar Ratna Per Plate Price is below 1000 INR ₹ 500 Sagar Ratna Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 700 ₹ 700

    Likes: 110
    Views: 768

Food Plus
Shakarpur, Delhi
60 Guests

    Likes: 99
    Views: 629

Regard Restaurant
Shahdara, Delhi
60 Guests
Regard Restaurant Per Plate Price is below 1000 INR ₹ 500 Regard Restaurant Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 700 ₹ 700

Everything About Birthday Party in East Delhi

Birthday celebrations are special and an opportunity to celebrate being yourself. It is special for everyone, whether you are a kid or grownup. It's that one day in a year which gives a sense of joy and happiness and makes you feel high spirited and blessed. Fun is more for kids on birthday celebrations as they enjoy every bit of attention and the gifts. Few birthday milestones are marked and celebrated in a special way in everyone's life, like the 1st birthday party celebration, 18 years birthday party, 25 years and so on. Parents want to make every birthday special and pick the best birthday celebration place in East Delhi for their kids. The 1st birthday party celebration is mostly the biggest and celebrated with entire family in a huge way to mark that special day for the kid. Birthday celebration creates memories right from the childhood. They give sheer sense of joy to everyone no matter what the age. That one moment to blow candles and cut your birthday cake with all those camera clicks fills your heart and soul with joy.


For a successful and memorable birthday, the right choice of birthday party place and entertainment is crucial. Choose a Venue in East Delhi that offers the right arrangements for a good birthday party. Few essential elements to consider while choosing the best place for Birthday celebration in East Delhi are a comfortable center area with table for cake cutting, fixtures and support on ceiling and walls for balloon decorations, preferably a stage for performers like magician; karaoke; anchor etc, a big side table arrangement for return gifts, spacious area for games and fun activities at the birthday party, bright lighting arrangements for quality birthday photographs, a big screen to share photographs or presentation to guests, availability of microphone for announcements and anchoring.

Venuepool lists best places for Birthday celebration in East Delhi. You can choose from best places for birthday celebration in East Delhi based on your preferences. If you prefer to organize your birthday party in the indoors, then you can choose a Banquet Hall in East Delhi, whereas if you love birthday celebration in the outdoors, then you can pick a farm house or party lawn.

Decorations and ambiance makes all the difference to turn a birthday party special. A must have for birthday decorations are:-

  • Colourful Balloons
  • Theme decorated Stage
  • Nicely decorated Cake Table
  • Standee at the entrance for guests
  • Backdrop with pictures
  • Theme character cut-outs

Entertainment is an essential part of any birthday party. Mere food and idle sitting does not give a party feel until the guests are engaged with activities and fun things to watch. Like any other event, a birthday party should be sequence of happenings filled with entertainment for the guests. Make your Birthday Party fun and entertaining for everyone by adding these activities:-

  • Games corner
  • Magic Show
  • Pinata
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Karaoke
  • Face painting
  • Mimicry
  • Anchoring

Special Attractions are always cherished and bring an element of surprise to Birthday Party. Specially the kids like surprises and attractions like Character Mascots of Mickey, Minnie, Santa, a Superhero etc. Few things that can add special attraction to Birthday Party are:-

  • Pinata competition
  • Memories display
  • Birthday boy/girl special entrance
  • Family memories audio/video
  • Wishtree
  • Unique e-invites
  • Custom Birthday Songs

A theme birthday party is loved by all with the theme aesthetics and decorations throughout the space. Few popular birthday party themes are Superheros, Barbie, Sports, Princess, Cindrella, Boss Baby, Prince, Jungle, Unicorn, Butterfly, Car, Baby Shark, and Doremon. Make your birthday party special and memorable by adding as much as you can.

Venuepool offers complete Birthday Party Packages in Delhi including everything you need to organize a birthday party. We have experienced Birthday Party Planners in Delhi to make your Birthday Party special in every way.

Looking for more choices? See the best Birthday celebration places in Delhi. You can choose a Birthday Party Hall in Delhi or a small Birthday Party Hall in Delhi or even a cheap place for birthday celebration in Delhi. See some of the Places for Birthday Party in Delhi below Rs 1000.

decorative balloon decor for Birthday Party

For birthday celebrations, venue, ambience, and entertainment is everything.
Venuepool’s Birthday Party Packages guarantee a unique experience.


Birthday Party in East Delhi
A professionally arranged 3-4 hours baby photoshoot at your place by our skilled photographers. Our photographers also cover the entire event for your Birthday Party celebration at the day of event.


packages for  Birthday Party
Aesthetic colourful birthday balloons, stage-decoration with birthday table, backdrops, table decorations, standee, character cut-outs and much more. Our planners offer a choice of theme based birthday decorations for both boys and girls.


images of Birthday Party in East Delhi
Variety of Games and entertainment for all your guests. Our Anchors host amazing games to keep everyone engaged and cheerful with the right blend of games and activities for everyone.


magician images Birthday Party in East Delhi
Everyone loves Magic! Our birthday magicians have bag full of magic tricks that will keep everyone amazed, specially the kids. They will love all the magic and be thrilled for entire party. Magic show is a popular choice in all our birthday parties.


 images of tattoo artists Birthday Party
Kids love to flaunt Tattoos and have fun with colourful designs. Our Tattoo Artists keep kids engaged with variety of Tattoo designs to choose from in all shapes and sizes.


theme decoration images Birthday Party in East Delhi
Choice of eye-catching entry gate Arch for attractive and welcoming entry for your guests. Our planners prepare a tailor-made entry gate based on your choice of Venue. Our entry gates are complimented with customer birthday party Standee of your kid for a warm welcome to everyone.

Birthday Party Packages in East Delhi

Venuepool has amazing Birthday Party Packages in East Delhi. Our packages include everthing needed to organize a great Birthday Party. It includes Venue, Food, Decorations, Entertainment Packs (optional) and much more.

Our Birthday Party Packages are unique and offer everyting for an amazing party experience. They are custom created for organizing Birthday Party in East Delhi.

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Birthday Party Planners in Delhi

Venuepool party planners are quiet popular for planning Birthday Party in Delhi. We are among top organisers for 1st Birthday Party, Kids Birthday, Baby Shower, and B’day decoration in Delhi region.

Our birthday party planners have years of experience and expertise for birthday celebrations, starting with the right choice of venues and everything else that you will need to make your birthday party a grand success.

Birthday Party Services in East Delhi

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    Theme Based Decor

    Music & Dj

    Fun Games

    Backdrop & Standee

    Magic show

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Venues by Category

There are total 841 Venues in Delhi. Category wise, there are 122 Hotels in Delhi, 53 Party Lawn in Delhi, 396 Banquet Hall in Delhi, 153 Restaurant in Delhi, 54 Farm House in Delhi, 14 Bar/Pub in Delhi, 3 Cafe in Delhi, 20 Conference Room in Delhi, 26 Resort in Delhi.

Venues by Budget

Delhi offers venues starting with a budget of Rs 350. In terms of price per plate, there are 578 Venues in Delhi with budget below Rs 1000, 230 Venues with budget Rs 1000 to 2000, 33 Venues with budget Rs 2000 and above.

Venues by Capacity

Delhi has small venues starting with a capacity of 15 guests and bigger venues for upto 5000 guests. Capacity wise, there are 607 Venues in Delhi with capacity upto 500 guests, 166 Venues with capacity upto 1000 guests, 68 Venues with capacity upto 2000 and above guests.

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Restaurants for Birthday Party in Delhi by Zone

Top Restaurants and places to host a perfect Birthday Party by Zone across Delhi. Find
Restaurants by zone to host your Birthday Party in Delhi NCR.

Restaurants for Birthday Party in Delhi with Price Range

Delhi has Restaurants in different price range to host Birthday Party starting from Rs 350.
Find a stuitable place in Delhi that fits your budget.

Restaurants for Birthday Party in Delhi with Guest Capacity

Delhi has Restaurants for Birthday Party starting with Guest Capacity of 15 guests for small
gatherings and bigger venues to accomodate upto 5000 guests for large gatherings.

4 Top Birthday Party Places in

Venue Name Area Capacity Price (Starting at)
Great Plates Mayur Vihar 30 - 80 Guests ₹500 per person
QDs Laxmi Nagar 30 - 100 Guests ₹500 per person
Haowin Restaurant Mayur Vihar 20 - 70 Guests ₹750 per person
Sagar Ratna Preet Vihar 20 - 60 Guests ₹500 per person

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants for Birthday Party in East Delhi

What all should I consider while selecting a venue in east delhi ?

Few important things to consider while selecting a venue in east delhi are ease of access and its location, quality of furniture, wall & ceiling decorations/fixtures at the venue, cleanliness of premises and washrooms, service staff hospitality and dressing, power backup, parking space availability, in-house DJ and your custom needs depending upon the event.

The choice is also largely driven by the budget and number of venues available in and near your preferred location in east delhi.

How much in advance should I book the venue in east delhi ?

It is recommended to plan and book the venue in east delhi at least 4-5 weeks in advance for small to medium gatherings and about 2-3 months in advance for large gathering.

To host a successful event in east delhi, a well planned advance booking helps you to manage the event properly. As a guideline, the number of days for advance booking should be at least 50% of your gathering size. e.g. if your gathering is for 100 guests then try to book the venue about 50 days in advance for your event. This will give you plenty of time to book other services like Photographer, Decorator etc and your guests can get invitations well on time to attend the event.

What kind of venue should I choose in east delhi for my event ?

Try to choose a venue in or near east delhi that meets your expectations and goal for the event. The most common choice in east delhi is Banquet Hall, but there are plenty of other options available like Party Lawns, Farm Houses, Private Properties around east delhi. If your goal is good entertainment, then choosing a spacious venue for performers can be a good choice, whereas if your goal is good food then choosing something where quality food is served is recommended. Some hosts look for good hospitality and in such cases choosing a star rated hotel can be a good choice.

Venue choice in east delhi should be made depending upon season as well and its indoor capacity. Some seasons are not favorable for outdoor events so avoid opting for a Farm house or Lawn during that period. An optimum guest capacity venue is always recommended based on your gathering.

Should I choose a small or big venue for my event in east delhi ?

The choice of venue in east delhi is mainly driven by the gathering and type of event you want to host. Choose a venue that has guest capacity of about 120 to 150% of your gathering eg. if your gathering has 100 guests then an optimum choice would be venues with capacity of 120-150 guests. Keep at least a 25% buffer above your gathering as service staff and oganizing team will also be present during the event. Oversized venues above 50% mark of your gathering will make the event look dull with empty areas and may increase the event cost with all the overheads.

Do venues in east delhi allow outside catering ?

Majority of venues in east delhi do not allow outside catering and serve food from their kitchen. Mostly, venues in east delhi will give you per person prices which includes cost of the food.

If you get a lump sum cost from venue then it means they are rental charges of premises for the duration of event. In such cases, outside catering will be allowed at venue. Generally private properties and a few party lawns / farm houses will allow you for outside catering. Such venues do not provide any decorations or other services and it is upto the host to organize everything themselves.

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