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Explore 1 Farm Houses in East Delhi. East Delhi has both small Farm Houses with a minimum guest capacity of 100 person for small Event celebrations and large Farm Houses with a maximum guest capacity of upto 900 guests for big Event celebrations. There is variety of choice in price range and guest capacity to choose Farm Houses in East Delhi. Find best Farm Houses in and near East Delhi for Event celebrations.


Farm Houses in East Delhi are available in price range from Rs 0 to Rs 0 per person. There are 1 affordable and cheap Farm Houses in East Delhi below Rs 1000.

Guest capacity wise, East Delhi has both big and small Farm Houses with capacity ranging from 100 to 900 guests. There are 1 bigger Farm Houses in East Delhi with capacity upto 1000 guests.

East Delhi has variety of Event places with good choices for Hotels, Party Lawns, Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Farm Houses for any kind of Event celebration. Checkout the category of your preference by browsing Hotels in East Delhi, Party Lawns in East Delhi, Banquet Halls in East Delhi, Restaurants in East Delhi, Farm Houses in East Delhi.

East Delhi has Farm Houses for every event. You can host Wedding in Farm Houses of your choice in East Delhi. Checkout Farm Houses for some of the popular events in East Delhi by browsing Farm Houses for Wedding in East Delhi.

Areawise, Farm Houses in East Delhi are spread across 0 popular areas - . Take a look at .

Few popular Farm Houses in East Delhi are Shehnai banquet Hall.

Didn't find something good yet? Look for more choices available at Venues in Delhi. Choose from 841 venues in Delhi by filtering search based on venue category, event type, area of your choice, price range and many more.

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Shehnai Banquet Hall
Shahdara, Delhi
Farm House
900 Guests

Venues by Category

There are total 841 Venues in Delhi. Category wise, there are 122 Hotels in Delhi, 53 Party Lawn in Delhi, 396 Banquet Hall in Delhi, 153 Restaurant in Delhi, 54 Farm House in Delhi, 14 Bar/Pub in Delhi, 3 Cafe in Delhi, 20 Conference Room in Delhi, 26 Resort in Delhi.

Venues by Budget

Delhi offers venues starting with a budget of Rs 350. In terms of price per plate, there are 578 Venues in Delhi with budget below Rs 1000, 230 Venues with budget Rs 1000 to 2000, 33 Venues with budget Rs 2000 and above.

Venues by Capacity

Delhi has small venues starting with a capacity of 15 guests and bigger venues for upto 5000 guests. Capacity wise, there are 607 Venues in Delhi with capacity upto 500 guests, 166 Venues with capacity upto 1000 guests, 68 Venues with capacity upto 2000 and above guests.

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Farm Houses in Delhi by Zone

Popular Farm Houses by Zone across Delhi. Find Farm Houses in your zone to host an event.

Farm Houses in Delhi with Price Range

Delhi has many budget choices for Farm Houses starting from Rs 350. Find the best Farm House
in Delhi that fits your budget.

Farm Houses in Delhi with Guest Capacity

Delhi has Farm Houses starting with Guest Capacity of 15 guests for small gathering and
bigger Farm House to accomodate upto 5000 guests for large gatherings.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Farm Houses in East Delhi

What all should I consider while selecting a venue in east delhi ?

Few important things to consider while selecting a venue in east delhi are ease of access and its location, quality of furniture, wall & ceiling decorations/fixtures at the venue, cleanliness of premises and washrooms, service staff hospitality and dressing, power backup, parking space availability, in-house DJ and your custom needs depending upon the event.

The choice is also largely driven by the budget and number of venues available in and near your preferred location in east delhi.

How much in advance should I book the venue in east delhi ?

It is recommended to plan and book the venue in east delhi at least 4-5 weeks in advance for small to medium gatherings and about 2-3 months in advance for large gathering.

To host a successful event in east delhi, a well planned advance booking helps you to manage the event properly. As a guideline, the number of days for advance booking should be at least 50% of your gathering size. e.g. if your gathering is for 100 guests then try to book the venue about 50 days in advance for your event. This will give you plenty of time to book other services like Photographer, Decorator etc and your guests can get invitations well on time to attend the event.

What kind of venue should I choose in east delhi for my event ?

Try to choose a venue in or near east delhi that meets your expectations and goal for the event. The most common choice in east delhi is Banquet Hall, but there are plenty of other options available like Party Lawns, Farm Houses, Private Properties around east delhi. If your goal is good entertainment, then choosing a spacious venue for performers can be a good choice, whereas if your goal is good food then choosing something where quality food is served is recommended. Some hosts look for good hospitality and in such cases choosing a star rated hotel can be a good choice.

Venue choice in east delhi should be made depending upon season as well and its indoor capacity. Some seasons are not favorable for outdoor events so avoid opting for a Farm house or Lawn during that period. An optimum guest capacity venue is always recommended based on your gathering.

Should I choose a small or big venue for my event in east delhi ?

The choice of venue in east delhi is mainly driven by the gathering and type of event you want to host. Choose a venue that has guest capacity of about 120 to 150% of your gathering eg. if your gathering has 100 guests then an optimum choice would be venues with capacity of 120-150 guests. Keep at least a 25% buffer above your gathering as service staff and oganizing team will also be present during the event. Oversized venues above 50% mark of your gathering will make the event look dull with empty areas and may increase the event cost with all the overheads.

Do venues in east delhi allow outside catering ?

Majority of venues in east delhi do not allow outside catering and serve food from their kitchen. Mostly, venues in east delhi will give you per person prices which includes cost of the food.

If you get a lump sum cost from venue then it means they are rental charges of premises for the duration of event. In such cases, outside catering will be allowed at venue. Generally private properties and a few party lawns / farm houses will allow you for outside catering. Such venues do not provide any decorations or other services and it is upto the host to organize everything themselves.

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