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Explore 82 Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with a starting price of Rs 500 per person and upto Rs 2900 per person. Chattarpur has both small Wedding Venues with a minimum guest capacity of 20 person for small Wedding celebrations and large Wedding Venues with a maximum guest capacity of upto 2500 guests for big Wedding celebrations. There is variety of choice in price range and guest capacity to choose Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur. Find best Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur for Wedding celebrations.


Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur are available in price range from Rs 500 to Rs 2900 per person. There are 46 affordable and cheap Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur below Rs 1000. In the next budget segement, there are 28 mixed category Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with budget Rs 1000 to 2000, and 8 premium quality and luxury Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with budget Rs 2000 and above.

Guest capacity wise, Chattarpur has both big and small Wedding Venues with capacity ranging from 20 to 2500 guests. There are 43 small Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with capacity upto 500 guests for small Wedding, 20 bigger Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with capacity upto 1000 guests, and 19 spacious and large Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur with guest capacity upto 2000 and above for big Wedding celebrations.

Chattarpur has variety of Wedding places with good choices for Hotels, Party Lawns, Banquet Halls, Farm Houses, Resorts for any kind of Wedding celebration. Checkout the category of your preference by browsing Hotels for Wedding in Chattarpur, Party Lawns for Wedding in Chattarpur, Banquet Halls for Wedding in Chattarpur, Farm Houses for Wedding in Chattarpur, Resorts for Wedding in Chattarpur.

Take a look at best Wedding Venues in areas near Chattarpur. There are 8 areas near Chattarpur with Wedding Venues where you can host your Wedding. Some of nearby areas are Sultanpur, Ghitorni, Mehrauli, Saket, Vasant Kunj, Malviya Nagar, Aya Nagar, Sangam Vihar. Find best Wedding Venues available at Wedding Venues in Sultanpur, Wedding Venues in Ghitorni, Wedding Venues in Mehrauli, Wedding Venues in Saket, Wedding Venues in Vasant Kunj, Wedding Venues in Malviya Nagar, Wedding Venues in Aya Nagar, Wedding Venues in Sangam Vihar.

Few popular Wedding Venues in Chattarpur are Oodles Hotel, Executive Club and Resort, Chattarpur Farms, Ashoka Avenue, The Pavilion, The Ocean Pearl Retreat, Mallu Farms, Shagun Farms by Ferns N Petals.

Didn't find something good yet? Look for more choices available at Venues in Delhi. Choose from 841 venues in Delhi by filtering search based on venue category, event type, area of your choice, price range and many more.

    Likes: 82
    Views: 594

Oodles Hotel
Chattarpur, Delhi
1200 Guests

    Likes: 99
    Views: 707

Executive Club And Resort
Chattarpur, Delhi
1500 Guests
Executive Club And Resort Per Plate Price (Veg) is 1,600 ₹ 1,600 Executive Club And Resort Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 1,800 ₹ 1,800

    Likes: 138
    Views: 662

Chattarpur Farms
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
600 Guests

    Likes: 146
    Views: 644

Ashoka Avenue
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
1500 Guests

    Likes: 72
    Views: 540

The Pavilion
Chattarpur, Delhi
Banquet Hall
1000 Guests
The Pavilion Per Plate Price (Veg) is 1,650 ₹ 1,650 The Pavilion Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 1,850 ₹ 1,850

    Likes: 76
    Views: 504

The Ocean Pearl Retreat
Chattarpur, Delhi
2000 Guests

    Likes: 75
    Views: 554

Mallu Farms
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
2000 Guests

    Likes: 76
    Views: 484

Shagun Farms By Ferns N Petals
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
400 Guests

    Likes: 59
    Views: 463

Ramaya Farms
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
1100 Guests
Ramaya Farms Per Plate Price (Veg) is 2,100 ₹ 2,100 Ramaya Farms Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 2,300 ₹ 2,300

    Likes: 73
    Views: 419

Fortune Park Boulevard
Chattarpur, Delhi
400 Guests
Fortune Park Boulevard Per Plate Price (Veg) is 1,700 ₹ 1,700 Fortune Park Boulevard Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 1,900 ₹ 1,900

    Likes: 66
    Views: 538

Country Inn
Chattarpur, Delhi
900 Guests

    Likes: 88
    Views: 526

Ananda Greens
Chattarpur, Delhi
Party Lawn
250 Guests

    Likes: 117
    Views: 648

Ocean Pearl Gardenia
Chattarpur, Delhi
800 Guests

    Likes: 52
    Views: 501

KD Farms By Koncept Deziners
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
500 Guests
KD Farms By Koncept Deziners Per Plate Price (Veg) is 1,800 ₹ 1,800 KD Farms By Koncept Deziners Per Plate Price (Non Veg) is 2,000 ₹ 2,000

    Likes: 78
    Views: 546

New Vasu Garden
Chattarpur, Delhi
Party Lawn
1000 Guests

    Likes: 55
    Views: 484

Royal Dale
Chattarpur, Delhi
Farm House
600 Guests

Everything About Wedding in Chattarpur

Weddings are grand and a life time experience. They are unforgettable affairs which are remembered for years. Indian weddings are so rich and vibrant that they are very popular celebration to experience for anyone. The peak of wedding fever starts 4-5 days before the gala wedding date. Weddings are perfect occasion for everyone to come together and offer blessings to the couple. It is also an opportunity for relatives and close people to meet each other and socialize on the fun occasion.


Few weeks before the grand wedding, there are plenty of wedding shopping extravaganzas for clothes, jewelry, furniture, sweets, and just about anything. It 's a time to buy everything that was on wish list for years for the great wedding ceremony.

Pre-wedding ceremonies start few days in advance for both the bride and groom. Each of these ceremonies hold traditional values and symbolic significance and may be different depending upon religion. The most common pre-wedding ceremonies are:-

  • Mehendi Ceremony - This is an occasion mainly for ladies and the bride when they apply artistic patterns made from Mehendi/Heena on their hands and feet. It is mostly organized by the bride as a gesture of invitation to all families to come and join the fun for the wedding. Find a Venue for Mehendi ceremony in Chattarpur or a Banquet Hall for Mehendi ceremony in Chattarpur.
  • Sangeet Ceremony - Sangeet is an occasion when regional songs and emotions are sung by family ladies which is generally facilitated along with professional singers. There is joy and fun with lot of dancing to cherish the wedding ahead. Look for a Venue for Sangeet ceremony in Chattarpur or a Banquet Hall for Sangeet ceremony in Chattarpur.
  • Haldi Ceremony - Haldi is thick turmeric paste which is applied on full hands & legs and face of the bride and groom in front of everyone as a sign to make them prepared for the big wedding and togetherness ahead. Haldi is a day time ceremony usually on the same day as wedding or a day in advance.
  • Cocktail Party - They are informal way of celebrations focused on serving alcoholic and other beverages to all the guests gathered for attending the wedding. Cocktail parties are usually thrown 1-2 days before the wedding date. Sometimes they are coupled with Sangeet or Mehendi going side-by-side at the same time. Cocktail parties are sheer fun to loosen up everybody for the wedding and celebrate in high spirits. Explore Venues for Cocktail Party in Chattarpur or pick a Banquet Hall for Cocktail Party in Chattarpur.

The wedding day is a big day for everyone. With all the distant relatives and people visiting after many years, the excitement and fun simply multiplies at wedding gatherings. Everyone dresses in formals at the day of wedding. For ladies the fun is even more to wear Lehenga/ Suits/ Embroidered Sarees and what not with stunning Jewelry.

The groom side guests and family, all dressed nice and shiny, assemble near the wedding venue hosted by the bride family. They form the 'Barat ' procession with groom riding a horse and family and friends walking and dancing on the front on 'Dhols' and wedding Band. There is lot of dancing and excitement in the 'Barat ' along with fireworks as it proceeds to the wedding venue.

The grand wedding occasion and the feast is hosted by Bride on the big wedding day. This is one feast not to be missed! Wedding feasts carry array of cuisines ranging from Continental, Indian, Muglai, Chinese, Regional along with mouth watering exquisite variety of Sweets. The wedding day is much more than the food and has dance floor playing non-stop background songs and music. Some weddings include performances and stage shows for the guests coordinated by a professional wedding anchor. The big wedding day party lasts for 4-5 hours with food extravaganza, group photographs, gifts to couple, dancing and fun.

Post the grand wedding feast for guests, there are rituals which complete the wedding ceremony. It includes a 'Hawan' performed for the vows and 'Phere' around agni (fire). This officially binds the bride and groom in a life time knot and is attended by close family members. The bride then leaves with the groom after a small ritual of 'Vidai' from her family.

Pick the right venue for your wedding to make everything memorable on your special day. Take a look at our exquisite Wedding Venues in Chattarpur or some of our selected selected Banquet Halls in Chattarpur to plan your upcoming Wedding. Choose a Banquet Halls for Wedding in Chattarpur or a Farm House for Wedding in or near Chattarpur for awesome deals and wedding packages.

A carefully selected wedding venue will help to make your wedding successful. Wedding halls are always good as they offer indoor cozy settings and comfortable ambiance for the guests. Choose a wedding place that offers everything essential for a good wedding. Few things that should be considered while choosing a Wedding place are :-

  • Wide and clear Entrance for 'Barat'
  • Big Stage for the Couple
  • Natural floral Wedding decorations
  • Comfortable and plenty Sitting arrangements
  • Proper Air conditioning
  • Optimum Service staff availability
  • Rich wedding decorations throughout
  • Spacious food area for Buffet
  • 'Vedi' and sitting for 'Phere'
  • Tea/Coffee & Snacks for late night

If you don't like something in or near your area then browse our selected Wedding Venues in Delhi. You can choose a Banquet Halls for Wedding in Delhi or even pick a Farm House for Wedding in Delhi to plan and host your wedding. You can also choose a small wedding hall or a cheap wedding venue for budget wedding. See some of the Wedding venues in Delhi below Rs 1000.


Wedding Planning with Venuepool

You are about to start a new life, a life of togetherness, happiness and companionship. It all starts with the great wedding you always wanted to host for your family and friends. It needs lot of planning. Wedding planning with venuepool is specially designed to provide a pragmatic and organized approach towards making your wedding a memorable experience of your life.

Wedding Decorations

Floral Decor

Flower Decoration for Wedding in Chattarpur

Craft Decor

Craft Decoration for Wedding in Chattarpur

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Live Band in Chattarpur

Family Performance

Wedding music band cost in Chattarpur

Live Shows

Wedding Entertainment Packages in Chattarpur

Celebrity Performance

Wedding Catering

Wedding Caterers services in Chattarpur

Venuepool has splendid wedding feast menu options within your wedding budget. We take pride in being the best food service provider for weddings. Our catering partners are handpicked to ensure rich flavor and healthy food preparations for the grand wedding feasts.

Wedding Decorations

Best Wedding decoraters in Chattarpur
Best Wedding decoraters in Chattarpur with price
Wedding stage decorations in Chattarpur
Wedding stage decorations in Chattarpur
Wedding stage decorations in Chattarpur
Wedding stage decorations in Chattarpur

Wedding Planner

Custom Weddings

Weddings are custom affair. They are your lifetime experience. Our wedding planners ensure to bring unique experiences into your wedding. In Delhi weddings are more than simple celebration, they are a blend of traditional custom and contemporary décor and themes. Our planners captivate the experience and include lots of distinct elements to make your wedding a glorious one.

Destination Weddings

Chattarpur is one of the world’s fastest growing popular wedding destination in India. It never fails to attract couples with its astounding local culture and breath taking liveliness. It has a vintage beauty with tempting and rich food culture. Venuepool has verified destination wedding venues and complete destination wedding packages for an ultimate wedding experience in Chattarpur region.

Luxurary Weddings

Luxury wedding are no less than a fiesta. Our luxury wedding planners go the extra mile to make your wedding luxurious and beyond the ordinary. Our empaneled luxury venues in Chattarpur offer rich ambience and exquisite décor for your glamour wedding occasion. All our premium wedding menu cover elaborate food buffet offering exquisite domestic and international food choices for your guests.

Venues by Category

There are total 841 Venues in Delhi. Category wise, there are 122 Hotels in Delhi, 53 Party Lawn in Delhi, 396 Banquet Hall in Delhi, 153 Restaurant in Delhi, 54 Farm House in Delhi, 14 Bar/Pub in Delhi, 3 Cafe in Delhi, 20 Conference Room in Delhi, 26 Resort in Delhi.

Venues by Budget

Delhi offers venues starting with a budget of Rs 350. In terms of price per plate, there are 578 Venues in Delhi with budget below Rs 1000, 230 Venues with budget Rs 1000 to 2000, 33 Venues with budget Rs 2000 and above.

Venues by Capacity

Delhi has small venues starting with a capacity of 15 guests and bigger venues for upto 5000 guests. Capacity wise, there are 607 Venues in Delhi with capacity upto 500 guests, 166 Venues with capacity upto 1000 guests, 68 Venues with capacity upto 2000 and above guests.

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Wedding Venues in Delhi by Zone

Top venues and places to host a perfect Wedding by Zone across Delhi. Find venues by zone to
host your Wedding in Delhi NCR.

Wedding deals in Chattarpur

Wedding Venues in Delhi with Price Range

Delhi has venues in different price range to host Wedding starting from Rs 350. Find a
stuitable place in Delhi that fits your budget.

Top Wedding venues in Chattarpur

Wedding Venues in Delhi with Guest Capacity

Delhi has venues and places for Wedding starting with Guest Capacity of 15 guests for small
gatherings and bigger venues to accomodate upto 5000 guests for large gatherings.

3 Top Wedding Venues in Chattarpur

Venue Name Area Capacity Price (Starting at)
Executive Club and Resort Chattarpur 150 - 1500 Guests ₹1,600 per person
Ashoka Avenue Chattarpur 150 - 1500 Guests per person
The Pavilion Chattarpur 250 - 1000 Guests ₹1,650 per person

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Venues in and near Chattarpur Delhi

What all should I consider while selecting a venue in chattarpur ?

Few important things to consider while selecting a venue in chattarpur are ease of access and its location, quality of furniture, wall & ceiling decorations/fixtures at the venue, cleanliness of premises and washrooms, service staff hospitality and dressing, power backup, parking space availability, in-house DJ and your custom needs depending upon the event.

The choice is also largely driven by the budget and number of venues available in and near your preferred location in chattarpur.

How much in advance should I book the venue in chattarpur ?

It is recommended to plan and book the venue in chattarpur at least 4-5 weeks in advance for small to medium gatherings and about 2-3 months in advance for large gathering.

To host a successful event in chattarpur, a well planned advance booking helps you to manage the event properly. As a guideline, the number of days for advance booking should be at least 50% of your gathering size. e.g. if your gathering is for 100 guests then try to book the venue about 50 days in advance for your event. This will give you plenty of time to book other services like Photographer, Decorator etc and your guests can get invitations well on time to attend the event.

What kind of venue should I choose in chattarpur for my event ?

Try to choose a venue in or near chattarpur that meets your expectations and goal for the event. The most common choice in chattarpur is Banquet Hall, but there are plenty of other options available like Party Lawns, Farm Houses, Private Properties around chattarpur. If your goal is good entertainment, then choosing a spacious venue for performers can be a good choice, whereas if your goal is good food then choosing something where quality food is served is recommended. Some hosts look for good hospitality and in such cases choosing a star rated hotel can be a good choice.

Venue choice in chattarpur should be made depending upon season as well and its indoor capacity. Some seasons are not favorable for outdoor events so avoid opting for a Farm house or Lawn during that period. An optimum guest capacity venue is always recommended based on your gathering.

Should I choose a small or big venue for my event in chattarpur ?

The choice of venue in chattarpur is mainly driven by the gathering and type of event you want to host. Choose a venue that has guest capacity of about 120 to 150% of your gathering eg. if your gathering has 100 guests then an optimum choice would be venues with capacity of 120-150 guests. Keep at least a 25% buffer above your gathering as service staff and oganizing team will also be present during the event. Oversized venues above 50% mark of your gathering will make the event look dull with empty areas and may increase the event cost with all the overheads.

Do venues in chattarpur allow outside catering ?

Majority of venues in chattarpur do not allow outside catering and serve food from their kitchen. Mostly, venues in chattarpur will give you per person prices which includes cost of the food.

If you get a lump sum cost from venue then it means they are rental charges of premises for the duration of event. In such cases, outside catering will be allowed at venue. Generally private properties and a few party lawns / farm houses will allow you for outside catering. Such venues do not provide any decorations or other services and it is upto the host to organize everything themselves.

Event Services in Chattarpur

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Makeup Artists in Chattarpur Photographers in Chattarpur
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