Planning an event and don’t know where to being? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered! Here, you will find a perfectly organized list of things to do while planning an event.

  • The theme

The purpose of your event decides the theme for your event; it also helps in short listing the venues for the event.  If your event is not a professional event then you need to decide a theme for your event. Having a theme gives a unique edge to your celebration. Coordinate with decorators and finalize a theme or setting that will blend well with the venue.

  • Deciding the Date and who to invite

So you have decided where you want to celebrate your event, but you go to the site you see that the venue is already booked for the date. It’s time for you to compromise; either you change the date of your event or change the venue. To avoid such complications it is advised that you book your venue well in advance so you don’t have to compromise on anything in your celebrations! Pre-book a venue at  After you have finalized your date and venue, it’s time to decide who all will be attending the event. If it’s a grand celebration then printing invites is a must! If its just a small gathering an E-invite should suffice.

  • Does the event venue have everything you need?

Ensuring all amenities are present and arranging equipment for your event is a tedious job. Different events have different needs. A conference requires a venue with a strong wi-fi signal, a Birthday party requires speakers for music and some area for games while a wedding may be set indoors as well as outdoors. Making a list to make sure you don’t miss out on any requirements can be very helpful.

  • Service and staffing

Service is by far the most important element of an event planning. Photographers, caterers, Dj’s ; an event would be incomplete without them.
Looking for a photographer to capture the moments of your event can get difficult. Make sure you go through portfolios of their work to decide the best one that suits your event. Make sure there is enough staff to cater to everyone.

  • Food and music

There are so many options to choose from; cold cuts, hot meals, appetizers or full meals. The food menu at your event is often dictated by two things — the number of people you are inviting and your budget.
There can’t be a celebration without any music! If you are planning a wedding, you can have a live band performance or simply book a DJ so you can groove to your favorite tunes. Always make sure there is enough staff to take care of your guests so you can enjoy the party without any worry.

Having an organized list of things to do can make your work a whole lot easier. Need help planning a party? Contact and we will provide you with any service you need- be it a venue or a service, to make your event a success. - Transforming your occasion into a celebration