So you’ve finally decided to tie the knot and your wedding is just a few months or even weeks away?  Planning a wedding can be stressful and draining to you and your family. To make things easier, we have designed a foolproof checklist so you don't miss out anything for the special day.

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Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy as there are so many options to choose from. Is it going to be a traditional or a lavish destination wedding? What is the weather going to be like on that day? Should the ceremony be indoors or outdoors? How many guests to invite? Does the venue have all the facilities? These are all important factors that go into consideration while looking for the perfect venue. To get a venue well within your budget, browse through our collection of handpicked venues.

Once you have finalized the venue, it’s time to inform your guests about your big day. A wedding invitation is the first glimpse of the theme and it tells a lot about the person who is inviting. So take your time to make sure it’s right and tell people how you feel about your special day!

Selecting a vendor for the décor can be overwhelming. Just pitch-in your budget and rest will be done; be it deciding the décor according to the weather, theme or event, our decorators ensure the best quality. Make your wedding sparkle with a beautiful variety of items. After all, good colourful and vibrant décor means good pictures and remarkable memories.

Food, undoubtedly, is the most important part of any wedding. Choosing a caterer for your wedding can get complicated. Since everything looks and tastes so good, it gets difficult to decide what and what not to include. The food you select should complement the theme. Having a variety of food is very important. In addition to the venue and the entertainment; the menu will long be remembered in many conversations if you choose wisely.

The type of entertainment you pick decides the tone of the occasion. It is important to make sure that entertainment is suitable for all your guests. Make sure you speak to the venue owner before you book a DJ or a band. You wouldn’t want the other guests to complain.  A wedding isn’t a wedding without music and dance!

You only get one chance to get amazing wedding photos, so you'll want to hire someone who knows how to get those shots under pressure (someone who shoots weddings for a living, not your friend who takes pictures as a hobby). Your photographer should capture the moment beautifully because your photos would be the only lasting memory of the day. Make sure to choose a photographer who brings the image to life. Try one of our trusted photographers, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to plan your wedding easily. Book your venue, caterers, photographers, DJ artist well in advance. Hassle free booking and great services are available on Contact us to help you score the best deal in your city. 


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