Holi is a festival of colours! It is also called the Spring Festival – as it marks the arrival of spring, the season of ‘ hope and joy’. Holi gives us the opportunity to forget all our worries, negative thoughts and celebrate the positive side of life which is full of colours and happiness. People also throw holi party on this special ocassion with dance,  group songs, games and much more. No holi party is complete without indulgacne in colourful gulals and sweets. It is one of the richest festivals of India to showcase the true Indian culture. Abundance of water balloons, Gulals, water-guns, sweets, Chandan, can make your holi party a great success and fun.

Here are some of fun filled ideas if you are organizing a holi party this year : 

Great Venue
Pick a venue with neat and clean wide open space for plenty of guests. It is not about sitting or being behaved and confined to standing. People run around, throw water, smear colours, aim water guns, and what not. So ensure that your guests have plenty of open space for the fun filled holi celebration you plan to host. Avoid choice of cemented areas, parking lots or any concrete areas. Pick something which has leveled ground or small naturally grown grass. 

Abundance of water supply!
Ensure to have the water supply in abundance. People even ask for easily accessible water tanks or mobile water trucks to throw a great holi party. You can also opt for small & shallow concrete ponds and let children splash around in the water. It also gives them some respite from the heat and running around.

Surprise with Invites
There can’t be anything more creative than sending colourful invites to all your guests. For bigger holi parties people even send tiny gulal packets stapled to the all coloured holi invitation cards. For relatively smaller parties a custom designed e-card may suffice.

Fun Ambience
Ambience is all fun for the party lovers. It wont make sense to have an ordinary black and white ambiance which your selected venue offers. Generally holi parties are organized in open spaces or farm houses which have lust green or relatively flat ambiance. You can opt to have colourful posters on side walls or colourful balloons to mark the holi-spirit. Some venues offer lightly covered colourful pandals, specially for the food area. Pick something that makes the ambiance all special

Choice of Colours
Get plenty of colours in all shades for everyone. Some people still ask for traditional holi colours but these-days chemical free or even organic colour are being used widely. NO matter what you get, ensure that you pick all vibrant colours in abundance. Depending upon your guests, you can select to get mixed variety of stuff like Chandan, Gulal, Organic colours, flower petal colours. Using organic Holi colours is a great Holi Celebration Idea. Use skin friendly colours that won't harm your guests.

Bollywood Tadka
Choice of music is definitely an important factor for any holi celebration. No holi party is complete without the all-favourite holi songs from Amitabh bachan films. You can spice it up by adding some bollywood songs to your holi party, Get a DJ who can get your guests grooving as they play. No holi party is complete without the song "rang barse" and gujiya in hand. Kids would dance and love the great bollywood music that you choose. 

For the Kids
Most times people forget to arrange something for the kids. Don’t miss out on them. You can get water pistols, water ballons, painting colours and even some costumes if your budget permits. Don’t let kids get on cemented area to hurt themselves if they fall. Arrange for a grassy area where kids can have fun!

Holi is incomplete without some mouthwatering snacks which is favourite for all age groups. You can add some amazing cripy effect to your holi party like Gol-gappas, chat, bhelpuri, dahi-bhalle, chana masala, potato chips, kachori, Salty mixtures, etc. These delicious foods are famous during holi season.

Sweets play a very important role in Holi. No one will let you go without the traditional 'muh meetha' which means you can't go without being treated with sweets which are considered harbingers of joy and good luck. Some of the must have sweets for holi party are Gujjia,  rasmalai, laddu, malpua, rasgulla, etc

Beverages make your Holi even more special. Iced Jaljeera will be an amazingly refreshing drink after playing Holi under the sweltering sun. You can try some flavored lassi that will definitely impress your guests. Your guests must be treated with some chilled and sweet beverages like Thandai, Badam milk, fruit shakes for sure. Don’t forget the kids ,they will love all kinds of shakes specially chocolate shakes & fruit shakes.

All drink lovers wait for lavish holi party to drink and dance. Some of the popular drinks that go smooth with holi lovers is flavoured vodka mixes, lime cordial with gin or vodka, Ruspberry splashes. The regulars will love to have nice whiskey blends. And yes dont forget the all time favourite beer or even draught beer. 
Holi is a favourite festival for bhang lovers. You cant afford to miss out on Bhang Thandai.

Main Course
Go traditional with all time favourite dal makhni, amritsari kulcha, moong dal kachori. Holi demands running around and movements. Guests will feel hungry after all that play with colours and water. Plan for a semi-sized main course with a choice of light deserts like different type of baked buiscuits, kesar peda, jalebis, ice creams,etc

Everyone wants to dress up simple trendy and comfortable for the occassion. White is the colour to go. Encourage your guests to come in light shades of clothing. Gentlemen can choose kurta payjama and ladies salwal kameez. Kids can wear simple shorts. Remember the cloth material should be comfortable and easy to skin. The party-goers will anyway come in Jeans but they can pick a kurta or a light shirt to follow dress code. 

Games Corner
Design a games corner for ‘sone pe suhaaga’ effect to your holi party. Game can be fun activity to make any holi party more merorable. You can design your games corner in such a way where kids can also have fun. Plan for the all time favourite games like Tambola, musical chair,etc. 

Special Attractions
Adding attractions will give a boost to holi spirit and celebrations. You can add some attractions to make your party unique like Rain dance, bubble dance, colourful showers etc. Things like grass water splinkers, water hoses will add charm to your holi party.

Play Safe!
Encorage your guests to play safe while having fun. Dont let anyone over-do or hurt themselves. Don't put unnecessary colours on pets. Have safely measures in place, which might be needed. Play Safe !!

Have a wonderful Holi!

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